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the song kind of sucks, but it was pretty funny.

i am a 360 fan but the ps3 still has many great things to offer, the song just showed the bad stuff.
plus the 360 wasnt the greatest when it came out in '05.

but still this was a decent movie.


catchy song, but i personally like ebaums world, i think its cool but this song does have a point


pretty cool, what program did you use?

omega3D responds:


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Awsome game!

Heres a walk through. :)

01. walk up to the desk and take the ship in a bottle.
02. walk out of your house
03. talk to floaty rocky over head lady.
04. she gives you a berry
05. walk to the north
06. talk to the birdcage lady
07. you get a bird and a feather
08. walk to the north
09. go to the panda and click the feather
10. you get snot
11. walk to the tree
12. press the bird
13. you get a neckless
14. walk up to the north
15. go to the termite pile and press the ship in a bottle
16. you get termites in a bottle
17. walk to the south
18. walk to the south again
19. go to the bum and click the neckless
20. you get fuzzy dice
21. go to the broken machine and click the snot
22. go to the pot and click the berries
23. they turn red
24. go north twice
25. go to the samuri and click the berries
26. steal the sword
27. go south twice
28. turn right
29. go to the sleeping panda and click the dice
30. steal the scroll
31. go to the lady in the log and click the termites
32. you get goo
33. go left
34. go north
35. go to the helium and click the goo
36. go south twice
36. go to the floaty rock lady and click the talk icon
37. you get a sword
38. go north three times
39. go into the door (its shut)
40. walk up to the monster and click the sword

(Negrounds secret)

before you slay the monster go to were the the lady in the log is, go up to the three leaved plant and click the sword, you will receive goggles, go to the lady in the log (wich is now in goo) and click the glasses. :) have fun!


haha, i remember this. aswome. the easyest way to beat level 3 is just minimize the game and eventully the people will be supid enuf and fall in his mouth. cool game


eh, pretty cool. i liked it. the only thing i didnt get was clicking on stuff and walk to and stuff. wait, oh i get it now! forget i sed that.

i vote 5

gavD responds:

OK, glad you got it sorted!

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if you dont mind, i will use this for my halo dance audio. :)

thx man

Old-Style-Clock responds:

lol thanks man go for it please..lol


this song is asome! if i heard this song 4 i made clock scene v.2 i would have added this.

peace out, DaEnglishWeiner (A.K.A WeinerClock)

toxicbomb responds:

lol, maybe next time, eh?

Wow, I cannot believe I have had this account since 2003. Everything on here is so nostalgic it sickens me. I was such a cunt. Still am I suppose...

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